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Janasthan Seva Mandal is working with the pepole for their betterment and developemt since last 10 years.The organisation conducts various social programmes which are helpful to the needy and poor people in the society.
Objectives of the Janasthan Seva Mandal : “Serving people is serving God”
Sanstha conducts various lectures, exhibitions, Award ceremony,

Mr. Vijay Sane

Mr. Vijay Rajaram Sane
Hon. Chairman

1) Janasthan Seva Mandal
2) Janasthan Nagari Sah patsanstha
3) Chitpawan Brahman Sangh

Vice Chairman
1) Parshuram Nagari Sah patsanstha
2) Director in Nasik Merchant’s Co-op. Bank Ltd from 15 years
3) 3 times presidents of BJP Nasik
4) 3 times Corporater in Nasik Municipal corporation
5) Former president in standing committee of NMC
6) Former Vice president in all India local S & F Government and currently member of governing council.

Atal Seva Puraskar

There are some persons in society who are very necessary for our day to day operation but nobody can see their achievement. We identifies these persons and give then award for their devotional service and we salute to their strugle for a good life for their family.This activity is the unique activity started 12 year back by the sanstha.
Name of the some Chief guests for this event. Hon. Ram Naik, Hon. Gopinath Mundhe, Hon. Nitin Gadkari, Hon. Vinod Tawade, Hon. Muzaffer Husain etc.
Categories : Autorikshaw driver, Bus Driver, Newpaper distributor, Household Labours, Industrial Labours, Nurses & wardboy, etc.

Janasthan Mahila Udyog
Now up to 150 women’s are getting benefit from Janasthan Mahila Udyog. We teach them scientific methods of preparation of small scale activities e.g. making of Soap, Finale, Detergent Powder, various types of Spices (Masala), Making of Lather bags, etc. We conduct regular training programme for them.

Janasthan Nagari Sahakari Patsanstha
Patsantha at a glance : Deposits : Rs.4,25,00,000/-, Loan : 3,63,00,000/-, Working Capital : Rs.5,11,00,000/-
Patsantha started on 21st June 1999, working with a continuous growth with ‘A’ Grade.
Facilities at Patsantha :
• Deposits & Loan Facility
• Locker Facility
• B.S.N.L Bill Collection centre
• etc.
Every year we gave donations for poor & needy students. We gave them School Uniform, text books and a set of 6 notebooks free of cost.
Every year 1000 students get benefit out of this scheme.

Janashree Vima Yojana

We conducted this programme with ‘LIC’. Hon. Mr. Atalji started this programme when he was prime minister.
Features :
• Monthly premium Rs.200/-, which we paid it.
• Every student get Rs.100/- per month as scholarship
• Parents benefit : Rs.10,000 for natural death, Rs. 20,000/- for accidental death.

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